Meeting Street

Meeting Street, a pioneer in the area of child development and therapeutic services, has been chosen as The Fairway Foundation’s 2016 recipient. This organization is well known for their extensive work with children and young adults who have severe/profound disabilities and developmental delays. Meeting Street aims to innovatively empower children and their families to thrive through fostering the development of the whole child.

Through models of inclusive education, Meeting Street creates an academic environment where children with special needs work in classrooms alongside their general education peers. In order to support this inclusive education model, The Fairway Foundation will assist Meeting Street by purchasing two additional Smart Board interactive learning systems. One system will equip a classroom in the Grace School (grades K-6) and the other will equip a classroom in the Carter School (middle and high school students; ages 12-22).

Smart Board technology will afford all students equal opportunity to access a variety of educational material as well as enhance their classroom experience. This state-of-the-art technology shall serve as a platform for children, of all abilities, to encounter success together.

For more information about Meeting Street, please visit their official website located at

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