Julia DeGiovanni

Julia is a 22 year old woman from Hope Valley, RI. She is a former Chariho High School graduate. During her freshman year at URI, Julia suffered a brain aneurism that lead to her requiring three brain surgeries and a major leg surgery due to a bone that grew from an IV during an angiogram. For the past three years, Julia has spent countless hours undergoing occupational therapy to improve her fine motor skills, physical therapy to improve her gross motor skills and speech and language therapy to improve her language skills. Therapy has helped her to write, read and walk again. Julia’s peripheral vision was affected due to brain surgeries. She makes a conscious effort to turn her head to see in order to accommodate for her loss. In order to provide Julia equal opportunities as her classmates and to support her learning in and out of the classroom, she will need assistive technology. This technology will assist Julia by easing the difficulty in performing educational tasks. The Fairway Foundation will purchase a Mac Book Pro laptop computer for Julia along with computer programs, and a printer.

Zackary McMillan

Zachary is a 9 year old boy from Warwick who suffers from a devastating degenerative neurological disease called Ataxia-Telangiectasia (A-T). There is no cure for this disease and it is fatal. This rare genetic disease causes progressive loss of muscle control, immune system problems, respiratory problems, difficulty swallowing, as well as high rates of cancer. Zachary requires either the use of a walker or adult assistance to walk short distances. Due to the early onset of fatigue with ambulation, Zachary must rely on the use of a power wheelchair for mobility. Other than to and from school on the school bus, Zachary’s parents do not have any means of transporting Zachary and his power wheelchair into the community. The Fairway Foundation will purchase a wheelchair accessible van for Zachary’s family. Our goal is to get Zachary into the community which will allow him to visit friends, family and travel to places of his choice.

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