Matthew DeLillo

Matthew DeLillo is a 21 year old from Richmond, RI. He graduated from Chariho High School in 2010 where he played for the high school baseball team. Matt has always been very active and enjoyed sports and exercising. He was attending the University of Maine in Orono while on a waiting list for the Physical Therapy Assistant program at New England Tech. In June 2013, Matt was in a serious motorcycle accident where he broke his back and suffered many other injuries. He was left paralyzed on the side of the road alone for 13 hours before medical help arrived. After an extensive surfer at Rhode Island Hospital, along with intensive physical and occupational therapy in Boston, Matt returned home in August. Matt was diagnosed with an incomplete spinal injury and paralysis at T-7. This entire accident came at an extensive cost, and even with health insurance, it was financially draining for Matt and his family. The home modifications and all the adaptive equipment required for Matt to return home and back to normal life was an enormous financial burden. The Fairway Foundation will purchase a special rigid frame secondary wheelchair (Matt has a two story house) as well as hand control adaptations for Matt’s car. Having a car he can drive allows Matt to regain the independence he lost after the accident and will let him return to school, and more importantly get on with the life he had planned.

Matthew Vieira

Matthew Vieira is an 8 year old boy from Greenville, RI. He was born with Cerebral Palsy which has affected his ability to walk. Cerebral Palsy has no treatment; however extensive exposure to physical therapy will help strengthen Matthew’s skeletal muscle system while increasing his muscular flexibility. The Fairway Foundation will purchase Matthew a membership to his local YMCA so he can be enrolled in an adaptive aquatics program. This program is a widely used therapy for individuals with Cerebral Palsy. In most cases, this type of therapy provides a gravity free environment allowing an individual to ambulate independently.

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