50 Children at Hasbro Children’s Hospital

The Fairway Foundation will sponsor the Pirate Ship Program for 50 children at Hasbro Children’s Hospital. The program is provided by Dances With Wood, a nonprofit organization that seeks to heal and restore the spirits of children hospitalized with cancer and other serious illness through the empowering process of working with wood. The Pirate Ship Program provides a unique creative experience that inspires an inner sense of health, hope, and well-being while encouraging self-expression.

Steven Hashemi-Heari

Steven, a resident of Wakefield, Rhode Island, is a joyful sixteen year old boy who has been profoundly affected by cerebral dysgenesis (a lack of brain development). Steven loves loud noises, music, and being surrounded by people who love him. He enjoys family cookouts and parties. Since Steven is wheel chair dependent, The Fairway Foundation will be purchasing him two wheel chair ramps; a threshold ramp to improve the accessibility into his home and the other, a portable ramp, will give him the opportunity to access the homes of family and friends.

The Rainbow Fund

The Fairway Foundation will also donate a $1000 sponsorship to “The Rainbow Race”, an event of The Rainbow Fund, which has been established to generate funding for the National Alliance on Mental Illness of Rhode Island.

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