The Maddie Potts Foundation

The Maddie Potts Foundation was established in November of 2017, less than 2 months after Maddie’s sudden death, on the soccer field, related to an unknown brain aneurysm. The foundation was built on the core values that are the pillars of Maddie’s legacy; kindness, compassion, hard work, inclusive leadership, and perseverance, aka “Maddie Mentality.” The mission of the foundation is to give back to the community, each year, with scholarships, facility upgrades, and opportunities for individuals with special needs.

This year, in its ninth and final year, The Fairway Foundation will be donating the remainder of their endowment along with the proceeds from this year’s golf tournament to the Maddie Potts Foundation. Our goal is to assist the Potts family in advancing the work of their foundation and furthermore, to encourage others to be mindful of the important values that built the legacy Maddie has left behind. #WhatWouldMaddieDo

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